What is GIS ?

What is GIS ?

GIS stands for Geographical Information System(GIS). It is a system for gathering, storing and analysing GIS data. A GIS data is a data which has some location information associated with it.

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A very simple and popular example is GPS on your smart phone.

  • Through GPS and Satellite, we gather our live location data.
  • We store it on our smartphone
  • Our smartphone has Google Map on it and the captured live location data is displayed on google map telling us our whereabouts.
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It will be not wrong to say that our smartphone is acting like a small GIS system which is gathering, storing and analysing our location data.

The above example is just the tip of iceberg. GIS is used in so many areas. Like google map showing you best route to take while travelling etc. Uber company has very Big GIS Data generated by their cabs. They are using Machine Learning, AI to analyse the Big GIS Data to plan their trip.

GIS career is also coming into mainstream. Many companies are adopting GIS to drive their business.

And demands for GIS profession are also increasing.

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